You already know in-store music and messages are proven to be a very effective way to stimulate and influence consumers. It offers a unique opportunity to target consumers whilst in the spending mood, right when they are in your store browsing.

The right music can not only put people at ease, lift and encourage customers shopping mood and the staff’s working mood, but it also is a direct reflection of your brand – it’s mood, it’s style, it’s pace.

Since 2006, Twenty5eight have provided tailored digital In store music with targeted music and messages which sound like the brand’s own radio station.

Many of our retail store managers think it’s like a commercial radio station but much better, as it’s helping them sell their  stock and services, without all the other clutter, talk and competitor advertising that goes with today’s commercial radio stations.

It’s no secret our In store music is as exciting and real as a radio station that’s because the  Twenty5eight In store music team have capital city commercial radio station experience in programming, on air broadcasting, research, production,  promotions and marketing.

Our custom Australian designed and manufactured In store madio system is a hassle free plug and play music system.  It’s the perfect solution for shopping centre stores where satellite installations and signals for wireless are difficult or expensive, or for the chain retailer whose IT department won’t allow sharing of the internet.

Benefits of Twenty5eight In store music

  • No maintenance 
  • No additional connections – No satellite, no wireless, no internet connection, no hidden extras.
  • Motivates team members and entertains and encourages customers shopping mood. 
  • Assists revenue by playing targeted messages reminding customers about services, products and promotions. 
  • Saves staff time and businesses money; no more wasting time tuning the radio or arguing about music.
  • Music is checked for swearing or inappropriate themes. 
  • Music and messages updated regularly 
  • Songs play randomly – so no more repetition.
  • Programmed to play the style of music or messages you want at particular times of the day
  • Easy solution for one store or hundreds of stores.
  • Reflects your brand with researched music and specific branding
  • We can cover your  ARIA  / PPCA licensing – no hidden extra fees.